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In , Piper provided Leo a guy, Wyatt Halliwell

In , Piper provided Leo a guy, Wyatt Halliwell

Leo and you can Piper was basically happily married for two age following the the matrimony though it contended partial-apparently regarding the part from secret inside their coming children’s lifestyle.

Although it was initially considered that Piper wasn’t in a position to features youngsters, it absolutely was shown by Angel away from Destiny one Piper was expecting and their kid. Leo and you may Piper got many battles regarding pregnancy since neither of them receive the capability to know very well what both is actually going right on through. In the middle of the fresh new pregnancy and you will just after Wyatt was created, Leo decided to briefly just take paternity leave of their Whitelighter obligations.

Relationship Dilemmas

Like most married couples, Piper and you will Leo started initially to challenge often. This new couple’s noticably struggle was in early ; in a heated argument, an angry Piper accidentally blew upwards an entire wall structure and you may Leo is actually compelled to bed downstairs. Phoebe then took it upon herself making an appointment getting them with a wedding therapist. Regardless of if Piper and you may Leo believe one session would not assist them to resolve its wedding dilemmas Phoebe means that they cast an enchantment whenever they show up, though it has many outcomes. New spell pushed Piper and you can Leo (including Phoebe and you will Paige) to amazingly decrease memories lane from the most remarkable moments within relationship. Pursuing the enchantment was reversed as well as their first tutorial finished, it made a decision to offer the the towards the repairing the matchmaking, choosing to continue with the guidance, and using “tools” to communicate together.