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Input technical and connections for other devices

Input technical and connections for other devices

A strength of your mHealth input to have blocking cancer of the breast in the people is the fact it does draw on commercially available technology to possess overseeing exercise, calorie consumption, diet plan, and you will nutrition, whenever you are providing proof-situated information about cancer of the breast and you may ways people can lessen their chance of the condition. It could be possible so you’re able to modify the program stuff since the the newest medical pointers becomes readily available on cancer of the breast reduction and you can convertible risk situations to your state. Upcoming recommendations will likely were review the efficacy of the fresh mHealth intervention inside the increasing exercise, boosting dieting and nutrients, and you will weight reduction courtesy a beneficial randomized controlled demo, and you may prevalent dissemination and execution research.


Depending attributable risks, in the 30–35% regarding breast cancer tumors may potentially be avoided by approaching being obese, real inactivity, alcoholic beverages, and you can hormones replacement for medication (HRT) (ten,11). Results from new Ladies Health Effort Randomized Demo mean that HRT after menopause increases breast cancer chance (12-14). Accessibility a program filled with one another estrogen and you can progesterone have come regarding the a higher likelihood of breast cancer versus usage of the hormone estrogen alone (15).

The latest breast cancer cures application will include proof-built facts about cancer of the breast and you can ways that girls can aid in reducing the risk of the condition provided with the fresh new Federal Cancers Institute, the latest Stores getting Problem Manage and you may Protection, additionally the American Cancers Area (ACS) (45).