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A couple of World war ii Slang On the Front

A couple of World war ii Slang On the Front

Battle Morning meal. A beneficial Navy name referring to the brand new heavy break fast off steak and you will egg commonly made available to sailors and Marines on the day off a combat operation.

Puppy Labels. A couple metal identification labels worn inside the neck, one to feel compiled plus one become leftover toward human anatomy shortly after demise.

Desperate Beaver. A soldier is so anxious so you’re able to allure their managers that he volunteers for every single jobs which is offered, otherwise displays unusual diligence.

Eagle Big date. Payday; known as “the afternoon new eagle shits.” A reference to the Western eagle that appears into the certain gold coins.

Eight ball. A good solider whom goes into problems a whole lot that he is a beneficial liability in order to their equipment; from the old notion it is misfortune are about new eight ball inside the pocket billiards.

Stop grousing; resign yourself to an embarrassing state

Eisenhower Coat.