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AT&T Bringing $180/Month 5-Gigabit Internet to 70 Cities

AT&T Bringing $180/Month 5-Gigabit Internet to 70 Cities

iCloud sync is randomly breaking: ^ A quick write-up on what’s been going wrong for me and others with iCloud of late and – as it turns out – for far longer than people realised. This is not good. – Craig Grannell ()

I’m pretty sure it started with the release of the new OSs – actually, I am sure I started hearing of iCloud syncing problems with the betas. If I had to guess, I’d say they rewrote something on the client side. – James Thomson ()

iCloud Drive returns a 503 error (service unavailable) since Nov. and it’s affecting all apps that use iCloud Drive. has not done anything about this and more AppleIDs are being affect.The is one of those: – RawMean MeanRaw ()

AT&T today announced the launch of upgraded AT&T Fiber plans, which support speeds of up to 5 Gigabits for some customers. There are two separate plans, one “2 GIG” plan and one “5 GIG” plan, available to new and existing AT&T Fiber subscribers.